"Matt at Hunter Web Media is adept at fine tuning quality Facebook Ads to target quality clients. On some occasions he has attracted over 20 new clients per week for our business.

Most weeks in some of our practices he manages to double our New Patients/Clients. I have previously worked with a lot of high end coaches and they have shown me some amazing systems and techniques to attract and market for new clients and also maintain these clients. They have even given me the copy to use.

The New Client attracting (on Facebook) however also comes with the time consuming process of working out how the systems/platforms work, and then knowing and managing/tweaking these platforms (ie Facebook) to maximise your spend. Fully executing the system is a skill in of itself.

Matt having ran multiple online businesses and having sold them successfully ran many facebook ads and knows the tweaks and insides of the Facebook ads system. Just as it takes us time to become proficient at adjusting it takes skill and time to become proficient at Facebook marketing.

I chose to hire an expert - it has paid back multiples of dividends and has saved me a lot of frustration and wasted money. I did run facebook myself and having done this I can truly compare the results of having an expert helping out. As a bonus he loves chiropractic and gets what we are all about. I HIGHLY recommend his services.

"Yellow Coaching engaged Matthew Trott of Hunter Web Media in July 2019 as we wanted to spend more time coaching our clients, and less time marketing our own business.

We had only occasionally run a Facebook advertisement or boosted a post, with little to no return on investment. We were initially sceptical about the results Facebook marketing would achieve for a B2B service business, but within weeks we had a marked increase in qualified enquiries for minimal investment.

Matthew's knowledge of current Facebook marketing techniques including retargeting ensures that we are top of mind for our target markets. As well as our social media presence rising, our SEO and Google rankings have increased as a result of this Facebook advertising.

The strategy Hunter Web Media has created and implemented has required minimal input from us, as it is using our existing content. Our inquiries for business coaching, executive coaching and workshop facilitation has increased by 300% in just 4 months with a conversion rate of 90%.

We have chosen to continue creating our own organic Facebook posts, as we love entertaining our clients and followers with work-life humour.

Several of our clients are now looking to use Hunter Web Media so they can increase their leads and get on with doing the work they love. We can’t recommend Hunter Web Media highly enough to anyone looking to increase their customer base."

Julianne Schwenke - Yellow Coaching



"I am happy to recommend Hunter Web Media to anyone wanting an innovative and professional web-based marketing campaign.

Matthew has always gone above and beyond when it comes to keeping us informed. His professionalism extends beyond creating the campaign; he has always been patient and generous with his time, running through the ideas behind specific targeting etc.

Competitive prices, great designs and excellent communication make Hunter Web Media your only choice."

Kelly Smith - Central Coast Surf School


"Hunter Web Media supported my small natural therapies business between August and November 2018. After just 6 weeks, my bookings had tripled. Matthew helped to shape my online media and Facebook ad campaigns.

Not being tech savvy myself I found that I could email or meet with Matthew whenever I got stuck, overwhelmed or confused. He always responded quickly.

Less than 4 months after receiving his support services my business was fully booked with happy, repeat clients and still remains this way. I wholly recommend HWM services for your business be it young or old, large or small.

Matthew has a wealth of first hand experience, training and enthusiasm. He will help you take the big step through small manageable steps so that your business can succeed in reaching its goals."

Camille Adams - Modality Massage


"After numerous negative experiences with social media agencies who did not and could not deliver what they promised they could, Matt completely turned everything around for us at Gummee.

His knowledge of facebook, facebook ads and customer buying habits is second to none, and we could NOT recommend him highly enough. We will forever be grateful to Matt for lifting sales to our website at a time when we were desperate."

Jodine Boothby - Gummee