About Us

Hi I’m Matt, Owner and Founder of Hunter Web Media. The picture you see above is me and my beautiful family. I’ve had a few businesses in my short life so far but nothing has excited me more than this one!

My journey into online business started around 5 years ago when my wife and I started our first online business. I had a background in bricks and mortar retail so I thought it would be an easy transition into online retail, but quickly worked out that they are worlds apart in ways and very similar in others.

As a cash-strapped small business owner I quickly started to learn every aspect of online business and marketing through books, Youtube, Google, podcasts, webinars, basically any information that was thrown at me!

After applying what I had learnt our business started to grow rapidly and this led to us purchasing another business 18 months later, and to date started another two online businesses since. Now I’ve scaled back to two online retail stores to allow me the time to grow my passion of helping businesses grow using social media.

I’ve spent over $200,000 in total of my own money in digital marketing over the past 5 years, so I have a vast knowledge in online marketing. But my specialty is social media marketing (Facebook and Instagram) where a lot of our ad spend has been aimed over the past 5 years.

I started playing around with social media marketing in September 2014, just over a year after the birth of our first child and the start of our first online business. We started the online business because we both wanted to work part time and be there to spend time with our son and see him grow. To be honest we didn’t have a clue what we were doing, which looking back was probably a good thing!

We set up a website and thought people would just magically Google it and start to come and buy our stuff. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way and the old saying is you have to spend money to make money! So we thought where are most of our customers hanging out, and the logical answer was on Facebook.

So I started experimenting with Facebook ads and we started to get a few sales. It wasn’t until I did a short course on Facebook ads a few months later that I discovered the true power of Facebook ads and grew our business to turning over $33,000 a month at 12 months, and $60,000 a month at 2 years from starting the business.

The idea for Hunter Web Media came about last year when a brand whose products we had been selling, posted on social media saying they were a couple of months away from shutting down.

It was a small family business that had created a great range of products and it was heartbreaking to see all of their blood, sweat and tears dissolve in front of their eyes. 

I felt compelled to offer a hand and had a look over their Facebook account. They were running one or 2 boosted posts but that was it. I did some work on their account and set up some targeting and a strategy for them and within a month they had turned their business around enough to keep it going.

Over 2 years on they are continuing to trade and are rebuilding their business. That is how quick it can all change.

Another small business I worked with for a few months was a masseuse. Someone I constantly visited due to my football injuries and we were talking and got onto Facebook ads.

She had boosted a few posts in the past and got nothing from them, so she thought Facebook wasn’t a very good way to advertise. I set her up with a small strategy with a very small budget of $5 a day and within the first 3 weeks she had 5 new clients and was getting more enquiries.

In my experience Facebook ads can be highly profitable if they are used correctly.

They require strategy, testing and tweaking until you find what works for your business. If you're keen to learn more on how we can help your business book in a free introductory call where I can get to learn more about your business and how we can help you.