Why Facebook Ads Haven't Worked For Your Business - Not Using A Call To Action

Believe it or not, people need you to let them know what step to take next. 

Make sure you always include a call to action button in your ads so the customer can easily take action and progress to the next step of their journey.

Make the call to action consistent to the message you are trying to get across. 

For example if you want to get them to your website to view an article then the "LEARN MORE" button would work best or if you would like them to take up a special offer then use the "GET OFFER" button.

Other popular ones are "GET QUOTE" if you are wanting somebody to enquire about a quote, or "SHOP NOW" if you are trying to sell a product through your website, or "BOOK NOW" if you want somebody to book an appointment.

How To Fix This Problem

Go into the ad level of your campaign and make sure you have a call to action button selected that is pushing them along to the next step.