The 3 Reasons Why I’m Investing Money Into Facebook Ads At The Moment

Now firstly before you conclude that I’m trying to get you to invest in marketing through Facebook ads immediately, I’m going to be clear and say that I would NOT recommend every business advertise through this period.
BUT you should AT LEAST be planning and strategising for the future, for when we start to see light at the end of the tunnel so you can make sure you have a head start on your competition.
These are the 3 reasons that I am investing in marketing in Facebook Ads for my business:

1. Facebook Ad costs are dropping 

This means that you can either reduce your Facebook ad spend to reach the same number of people or you can keep your spend the same, to reach a larger amount of people.
As you are charged per impression on Facebook, through an auction process, now that there are more people using social media because of the extra time on their hands, there is extra space in the newsfeed Facebook needs to fill up with ads.
Secondly a lot of businesses have stopped advertising, so there isn’t as much competition for bids, which in turn means you win the auction for your ad to be shown at a lower cost.

2. I love what I do

I’m sure there aren’t many people who can truthfully say that about what they do! And although these are challenging times, where I have lost half of my clients, that hasn’t stopped me in my mission of being able to help people do what they love.
Now I’ve got a little more time on my hands, I still want to be able to help people and I realise it may not be paid help at the moment, but at least I still get to do what I love.
Unfortunately, a lot of people fail in business, not because they aren’t amazing at what they do, they just don’t know how to get customers or clients to monetise their passion.
Luckily for me, I know how to be that link, and I love to help people realise their dreams of turning their passion into a career.

3. I’m in it for the long haul 

I know that by giving away content and knowledge through articles and videos or just a message or quick chat with a someone asking how they can improve their web presence or social media for FREE, is not going to be a get rich quick scheme!
But in the long run I believe that the work I put in now providing value to everybody, will set my business up to thrive months and years down the track.
I recommended reading a book by Simon Sinek called ‘The Infinite Game’. It’s about business being an infinite game (never ending and no winner can be officially determined) and not a finite game (where a clear winner is determined by a set of rules, like football or chess!).
When we make decisions for our business it’s important to make them with an infinite mindset, otherwise there will be no future for your business.


Before you jump in headfirst and start marketing of any type make sure there is a clear strategy behind it.
Just boosting posts trying to get a quick sale is NOT a good strategy.
If you do what you love and are in it for the long run, feel free to get in contact with me for a FREE 30-minute strategy session.
We can discuss strategies that you can start to plan and put in place to help you in the future, and I’ll also answer any questions you may have regarding advertising on Facebook.
This won't be a sales call, just complete value for you to help you grow your business. Simply head to our 'Contact Us' page and in the message field type free strategy session and we'll be in contact to arrange a time that suits you.