Is Posting on Your Facebook Business Page Reaching Anybody?

Now on average only around 7% of a business page’s followers will see a post. This is hardly a huge number if you only have a couple of hundred followers, and most of them will likely be your friends whom you have invited to like the page.

Most businesses have a Facebook page, but is it being used to generate leads and sales, or is it just set it up because you were told you needed one?

It’s not worth spending time creating good content to be seen by only a handful of people, most who may already be your friends… or is it? If you’re like most business owners, you don’t know the answer.

Facebook for businesses is now pay to play, which basically means if you want return on investment for you business, you need to put your hand in your pocket and pay for ads on their platforms. 

Providing value and creating engaging content to your customers is important to promote your business. But if you are creating great content why aren’t you paying for this content to be seen by other people who may be interested in your product or service? You can turn your posts into ads that create income for you.

By placing ads in the Yellow Pages or with Google, you can be found by people who are searching for your product or service. But you are directly competing with numerous other businesses on the same page for that click or phone call. You get a few lines of text to get your message across and that’s about all.

By using interest targeting with Facebook Ads you can pop up in people’s newsfeed with an ad. Not only are you getting in front of people who have shown an interest in what you do, but you may come across people who didn’t realise they needed your product or service.

Your ad creative options are near endless, and may include:

  • a photo or video
  • your story
  • education for your potential clients or customers
  • a showcase of your results
  • testimonials
  • details of your products or services

Ads can accelerate the sales process by building trust between your business and the customer or client. I’ve used Facebook Ads as the go to marketing avenue for all of my businesses, as it is the most cost-effective way of generating new leads and clients.

For more information on how we can help you generate more leads and sales for your business by using Facebook ads, feel free to contact us for a free discovery call.