How To Check If Your Competitors Are Running Facebook Ads

Want to know if your competitors are running Facebook ads and what offers they are running?

You may remember a couple of years back when Facebook got in a bit of trouble for data breaches during the last US presidential election. Since then Facebook has been more transparent with what advertisers are creating on Facebook, so they created the Facebook Ad Library. This is where you can search for a business or organisation by entering their Facebook page to check if they are running ads, and also see what the ad campaigns look like.

This is a great way to see if you are going to be competing on Facebook with your competition, but you can also see what they are offering and teh creatives they are using in there ads. From there you can evaluate your own offerings and provide the market with a better deal, service or offer people something different and unique from your competitors.

Of course you can't see what audience they are targeting, budget or objectives they are using but it is a valuable tool that can help you create the best possible offer to your potential customers or clients.

Check it out now for yourself and do some spying on your main competitors to see how you can get an edge.