How to Cost Effectively Market Your Business Using The Flexible Creative Options Facebook Ads Offer

One of the other things I love about Facebook Ads is the flexibility in the creative available to use.

What I mean by creative is being able to use video, or images, or a carousel in your ad. You have the choice over what length your video is and what length the text is that you're using. You get a headline and a call-to-action button. We get so much flexibility, which gives us the ability to cost effectively test what works best for your business and what doesn't work so well.

When we compare this to a TV ad for example, where you're only getting a 30-second commercial, or radio where you're only getting a 15 to 30-second audio or in a magazine, you only get one static ad, either a quarter of a page or a half a page or a full page you're extremely restricted in the message you need to get across.

Facebook's flexibility of creative allows us to get all relevant information across in one single ad, which helps us run extremely cost effective marketing campaigns. The reason being is that we can take someone, just by seeing one single ad, from being unknown to your brand to getting them ready to take action, whether it be to buy something or to give contact details or to send you a message. This in the long run saves thousands of impressions and marketing dollars, before someone has enough information to take the next step.