How Using Facebook's Advanced Targeting Options Make It Easy To Get In Front Of Your Best Prospects Consistently

For me, targeting is the most exciting part about Facebook Ads, and I see so many businesses do not use this effectively, simply because they don't understand why it works so well.

It was a powerful feature of Facebook ads that I used to accelerate the growth of my businesses. Firstly, what people may understand about Facebook Ads targeting is that when we're choosing a broader audience to advertise to, we can choose the obvious, the age, the gender, location and interests.

But what people don't realise, we can create custom audiences of those people who have visited our website, for those people who have engaged on our Facebook page or our Instagram page, for those who have watched a video on our Facebook page, whether it be an ad or just an organic video that you've posted.

The reason why these audiences are powerful at growing your business, is that these audiences you are marketing to are people who have interacted with your brand or who have shown an interest in your business. These are the people who are most likely to turn into a customer because they are more aware of your business.

You know that there are interested in what you have to offer, but they may just need the timing or offer to be right before they take action.

When you can group this audience together, because it's only a smaller number of people, your budget doesn't have to be as high as well.

So if you're marketing to a broad audience of, say, a million people then obviously the more budget you put in, the more people it's going to reach and it will take a lot of ad spend to reach them all and 10% may only be interested in what you are offering.

Now take the audience of people who have visited your website in the last seven days or engaged in the last seven days or watched a video in the last seven days.

It may only be a thousand people. So you're only going to need $10 to $20 a day budget to get in front of these people every day, whereas you would need a budget of $1000 to $2000 per day to reach an audience of 1 million people.

As you know, we see so many ads a day. How many times have you seen an ad and go, "That's a great idea," and we forget about it. So for anyone who's taking some sort of action, it's important to get in front of them again. They've shown some intent of doing business with you, so it's important that we keep the message up, get them to learn more us and hopefully they will turn into a customer.

So that for me is the most important part of, the most powerful part of advertising on Facebook is the ability to get in front of your hottest audience, and you're not wasting ad spend.

Obviously not all these people are going buy, but a larger percentage of people from that warmer audience will buy from you or become a customer. So that for me is the most powerful tool that you can use on Facebook Ads that so many businesses are not using.