Every business should be running this type of targeting ad on Facebook

Ever feel like you’re being followed when you browse the net? You may have noticed while browsing Facebook or the internet in general, that when you click on a website, a couple of minutes later you see ads for that brand, or similar products, on every other website you visit. That is called retargeting.

Did you know people who interact with your brand more than once are on average 3 times more likely to buy your product or engage in your service?

Retargeting is a form of online marketing where you can show ads to people who have already interacted with your business.

With Facebook advertising you can track people in many ways, including those who:

  • Visit your webpage (including those who visited specific pages)
  • Watch a certain amount of one of your videos
  • Engage with your Facebook or Instagram page
  • Are subscribed to your phone or email list
  • Have interacted with your App

Facebook lets you show ads to people who have completed any of the above actions by placing them into a custom audience, so you can get the right message in front of the right people.

For example, by tracking specific web pages that a person visits on your website, you can give them more information about what you know they are looking for.

Why should I be retargeting?

By having the Facebook pixel installed on your website you can track the actions of those who visit and show them ads that may relate to the problem they are looking to solve.

Every website visitor should be treated with the same nurturing you would show someone who provided your business with their phone number or email. They have shown some interest in your brand, so it is important to keep building the relationship, and there is no better way than with Facebook Ads.

This is where retargeting plays a big part.

If you were to get 100 people through your website this week, how would you follow them up to see if they were interested?

If you don’t get their email or phone number I’m guessing you thought they were gone forever. But that is not the case. When you use re-targeting, a click on your website is almost as good as getting their contact details.

The average conversion rate on someone’s first visit to your website is around 1%. Whereas someone who has already interacted with your brand is 3 times more likely to convert.

Let’s do the math. Say your new visitor conversion rate is 1% and your returning visitor conversion rate is 3%.

You get 100 people per week visit your website, and 1 sale from those 100 people.

Out of those 100 people, if you show retargeting ads, around 30 should come back and visit your website. Now if we can convert those 30 at a 3% rate that gives you an extra sale per week.

Let’s put the retargeting on top of what you would you normally do.

Without retargeting

Week 1 – 100 new visitors = 1 sale

Week 2 – 100 new visitors = 1 sale

Week 3 – 100 new visitors = 1 sale

Week 4 – 100 new visitors = 1 sale

Total Sales = 4

With retargeting

Week 1 – 100 new visitors = 1 sale + 30 returning visitors = 1 sale

Week 2 – 100 new visitors = 1 sale + 30 returning visitors = 1 sale

Week 3 – 100 new visitors = 1 sale + 30 returning visitors = 1 sale

Week 4 – 100 new visitors = 1 sale + 30 returning visitors = 1 sale

Total Sales = 8

If you aren’t using retargeting ads, you can only hope that they might remember your business. By using retargeting you take full control of the situation.

Your website and social media pages are giving you a base to collect potential leads daily, so don’t waste those leads. Leads aren’t cheap these days so make sure you aren’t throwing away potential customers before they get to know your brand.

Retargeting is more cost effective than other forms of digital advertising, as you are marketing to smaller audiences and the return on investment is usually much higher. As they have already interacted with your brand they are more likely to convert, as they will know more about your product or service.

If you are looking to start advertising on Facebook and already have good traffic to your website then retargeting should be the first thing you set up.