Why Marketing With Convenience in Mind is More Cost Effective For Your Marketing Budget

Convenience. It's what we all crave at the moment. We're so busy in our lives that if it's not convenient, we just don't do it.

So when we advertise and we're trying acquire a new customer, we want to make it as convenient as possible for them to take action. Give them the convenience to go to our website straight away, for them to be able to make a call, for them to be able to give us contact details or to send us a message.

So when we're marketing on Facebook, we're one click away from doing all that.

Lets compare that to other forms of media like TV, we've got to go find our phone, we've got to get on our computer, or if we're in the car and we hear something on the radio most people just don't pull over and get on their phone and look something up and go, "Ooh, I'm going to buy this while I'm driving." That's just not convenient.

If they have an option to take action then and there, it can save us a tonne of money on our advertising budget as we don't want to be throwing ads at them a thousand times before they make the decision to go visit your website or give you a call.

When they're on their device scrolling through, and one click away there is not a lot holding the back from the opportunity to take action. Don't make it hard for anyone to get in contact with you or make the next step and make sure we've got the call-to-action in the ad to make this process easier.