How Facebook Ads Give You Complete Control and Flexibility of Your Marketing Budget

One of the reasons I love Facebook Ad are for the flexibility and control we have over budgeting and ad spend.

It's great for startup businesses because you can start from as little as $1 a day, and you're not locked in to a minimum of spend. For businesses with more money to spend if you have a budget of $1,000 or $10,000 for example, you're not locked in to spend that amount. You can cut the ads off at any time you need or pivot and change your ads if they aren't getting results.

Unlike TV, radio or print, once your ad goes in and you've paid for it, it's done. You can't change it and you're not going to get your money back. For example if you pay money for a block of TV or radio ads and you don't get any phone calls, sales or leads in the first few days, you can't then turn around and say "I want to stop the ads and get half my money back." It just doesn't happen.

With Facebook, if we start advertising and we see that it's not working, we just hit pause and we change the ad. We change it until we find something that works. That's the beauty of having such a flexible budget.

Another reason that I love Facebook Ads for the flexible budgeting options is that we can spend low amounts on reaching more specific targeted audiences.

People who visit your website or who've watched a video or who have engaged in your page. So these people are highly engaged with your brand and these are potentially your hottest prospects. The ones who are closest to taking action.

What we call the low-hanging fruit. The easy stuff to pick off. Because the audience is so finely targeted to people who have taken action already with your business it is smaller in number, thus you only need a smaller budget to reach all of them.

Having that ability to advertise to your hottest prospects, with such a small budget, it makes it such a cost-effective way to advertise. For me, targeting is the most exciting part about Facebook, and I see so many businesses do not use this effectively and, for me, it was a huge powerful tool that I use to accelerate the growth of my business.