6 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads May Not Be Working As Well As They Should

There are so many reasons why your Facebook ads may be underperforming. Here are the 6 things you can check to make sure your ads perform at the optimum level.

No Facebook Pixel

Do you have the Facebook pixel installed and working? The Facebook pixel is a piece of code that’s placed on your website to report conversions, build audiences and get insights about how people are using your website. If you aren’t using the pixel it can be harder to track results.

Wrong Audience Targeting

Are you using specific interest targeting or lookalike audiences? If your targeting is out, your ad may be shown to people who aren’t interested in your product or service thus the poor results. For best results with targeting, create lookalike audiences in Facebook Business Manager using email addresses, phone numbers or conversions on your website. Facebook can then find people similar to those who are already your customers to show your ads to. If you haven’t got a customer list you can use interest-based targeting, in which you can select interest categories similar to the product and service you are offering.

Wrong Campaign Objective

Facebook has numerous objectives when setting up an ad. The main objectives are Brand Awareness, Reach, Engagement, Traffic, Video Views and Conversions (you choose the conversion objective, ie. view content, add to cart, purchase etc). It is best to set the objective to what you are looking to achieve from the ad. If you want engagement on your ad, select engagement and Facebook will find people most likely to engage with your post. If you are looking for purchases, select Conversion with purchases as the objective.

Not Running Ads Long Enough

The way the new Facebook algorithm works is that your ads will go into a learning phase for the first few days after setting up the ad. This helps Facebook learn the types of people who are most likely to take action on your ad. Once this learning phase is over, they match the data points of the best people to show your ad to. Results tend to smooth out after the learning is finished as the algorithm has a better idea of who to show your ads to. Stopping your ad after a few hours if it is not getting results may not give a true indication of whether the ad will be a success. I recommend waiting 3 days or 10000 impressions before making judgement on an ad.

Wrong Message

Would you ask someone to marry you on a first date? Showing a strong sales message to a new customer may put them off your brand. Build the relationship before asking for a sale. Once they get to know your brand a bit more, you can be more direct with your message.

No Re-targeting

Retargeting on Facebook is showing an ad to somebody who has already interacted with your business via your website, engaged on a post, or watched a video through Facebook. Less than 1% of people will buy from your brand on first sight, but there is a much higher percentage of making them a customer once they get to know your brand. If you are not retargeting people after they interact with you, you are letting go many potential leads that have showed some interest in your business and what you have to offer.

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