FREE 14 Day Facebook Ads Trial

Let us prove to you that Facebook Ads can work for your business

Our specialty is generating leads and sales for businesses using Facebook Ads, so what we're offering to all eligible businesses, is our services completely FREE for 14 days.

All we ask from you, is that you invest a minimum of $10 per day over the 14 days, just to cover the cost of the ad spend and we’ll do the rest.

That’s a very low risk investment of $140 in total, to have your Facebook ads set up properly for you, including strategy, testing, and targeting to bring you qualified leads or sales to your business.

Now I know you've probably boosted a few posts in the past with no success, or you're using SEO and not seeing much action. So it's understandable that you may skeptical about diving in to something you don't completely understand.

I get it, and that's why I'll prove to you we can get results first, so you have the confidence to invest further with us.

Now for those who don't really understand what we do, I'll explain quickly. 

What most business owners think of as Facebook advertising, is boosting a post from your newsfeed.

But that's not what we do. We don't just create an ad, we create campaigns.

1. We evaluate your business so we get the targeting right so you aren't wasting ad spend.

2. We help craft a great offer that gets prospects to take the next step.

3. We create the ad, taking into account buyer psychology, emotions and creating engagement, which is key to running successful campaigns on social media.

4. We add layers to include retargeting audiences, which are low hanging fruit for any business, but what most businesses aren't doing.

5. Once all this is set up then we test and measure the results, cutting away the worst performers and amplifying the winners so you get the most bang for your buck.

So what do you have to lose? Or more importantly how much more can you gain! 


Case Study - Central Coast Surf School

Central Coast Surf School contacted us about the free 14 day trial in trying to get more bookings for the upcoming surf season.

After speaking to Kelly the owner, he had said they had tried a few Facebook campaigns in the past by boosting posts and never used to get much of a response to justify advertising consistently.

After looking over the ads they had previously created, I explained why the ads they had run in the past didn’t work and they agreed to go ahead with the trial, spending $10 per day for 14 day. 

We created a lead ad for them, which is an ad that opens up as a contact form in Facebook, and the person enters their details from there. The form is pre-filled so if Facebook has their information like email and phone number it will pre-fill those fields making it easy for the user to complete the form.

We decided this was easier as they would call each lead and arrange to book them in and explain how the Active Kids Voucher was to be used.

We ran 2 ad different ad creatives, testing a slideshow video of some images they had on their Facebook page as well as a still image. We also added retargeting audiences to their campaign, to capture the people who engaged on the ad or opened the lead form but did not submit it, just in case we caught them at the wrong time, they would have a chance to see the ad again and take action.

After the 14 days we ended up capturing 33 leads at a cost of $4.19 per lead. (below is the screenshot of results from their trial) The offer was worth $100, and they managed to book in over half those leads to proceed with lessons, so you can understand how profitable the trial was for the business.

After the trial Central Coast Surf School continued using our services on a paid basis throughout the summer and said it was the busiest summer they had had in a long time.

Here's what they had to say about us

"I am happy to recommend Hunter Web Media to anyone wanting an innovative and professional web-based marketing campaign.

Matthew has always gone above and beyond when it comes to keeping us informed. His professionalism extends beyond creating the campaign; he has always been patient and generous with his time, running through the ideas behind specific targeting etc.

Competitive prices, great designs and excellent communication make Hunter Web Media your only choice."

Kelly Smith - Central Coast Surf School

If you are interested in taking up our offer of a free 14 day trial please email us at or give me a call or text on 0498 003 718 and I'll be happy to discuss any questions or queries you may have. 

Below are a list of questions that we get commonly asked.

Will this work for any business?

Some businesses are easier than other to attract leads or sales but there is definitely scope to make Facebook ads work in any industry with the right offer. If you are unsure contact us and we can discuss whether your business would suit or not.

What is the cost to manage my Facebook ad account after the free trial?

We don't have a set management fee as every business has different needs and different amount of work that goes into it. This is why we recommend the trial period first as it helps us quote more accurately to give you the best value for money.

Do you also post to my Facebook page?

No, we only create ads in the Ads Manager section on Facebook. For us it's not worth the investment posting to the page as it creates extra work coming up with content that is only limited to being seen by a small number of your fans.

I've boosted posts before so how is this different?

We create your ads through Facebook Ads manager, which is a more detailed platform for Facebook advertising. It gives us greater options for choosing the correct objective to match your marketing goals.

It also allows us to create custom audiences like website viewers, Facebook page engagers and people who have watched a certain amount of a video.

We write the ad copy for you taking into account buyer psychology, emotions and creating engagement which is key to running successful campaigns on social media.