Facebook Ads For Chiropractors - Stop Using Stock Images (And Do This Instead)

From my experience ads using images of the chiro or chiro team, either shot from a phone or professionally will out perform stock images every single time. 

There are a couple of reasons they work best. First is that you are building a personal relationship with a prospective patient before they make the call whether to come see you. Most people will judge you by your photo and make sure they are comfortable in trusting you with their healthcare. 

The other reason is that stock images stand out in the newsfeed as ads and people who have their ad filters on will scroll straight past. Having a native style natural image as an ad, fits in with the normal content of the newsfeed and they still have their guard down because they don’t realise they are looking at an ad.

Videos shot in practice on a phone also can work well but it’s about testing to see what your audience prefers to see.

How To Fix This Problem

Shoot a few different shots around your practice making sure you have face to camera with a smiling face or try and shoot a video showcasing your special offer inviting people to your practice.