Facebook Ads For Chiropractors - Creating An Initial Offer To Get Clients In The Door

As a Chiro, usually your patients will see you more than once in their lifetime. Some will last months and some will last years. 

When you calculate your lifetime customer value you will easily see that you can easily run at break square or a loss on an initial consult and make up the difference down over the coming months.

For example, if on average you see each patient 20 times (some more, some less) over their lifetime and you generate $1000 in revenue from them, removing that high barrier to entry on the initial assessment can pay huge dividends in the future.

Some examples of great initial offers could be a gap free offer with a swipe of a private health card, a discounted price offer ($29, $49 or $79) or a mix of discounted price and added value like a voucher to trial another service you may offer like massage or products. 

How To Fix This Problem

Create a special initial offer and run it as either a lead generation or messenger objective ad. Test different variations of the offer to see what your sweet spot is.