Facebook Ads For Chiropractors - Using the Facebook Pixel to Create Retargeting Audiences

Ask any marketer and one of the hardest parts to figure out is getting your ads in front of the right people.

Facebook have made it so easy for us to get one segment of our targeting right by allowing us to install their pixel on our website, because people who are visiting our website, no matter where they come from, have shown some intent about your service.

This makes them very hot prospects because we know they are possibly interested in your service, we can segment them into an audience and show them more content to further build a relationship, which in addition develops their relationship and trust with you.

When you look at the stats, website visitors very rarely take action the first time they come in contact with your brand and it’s important that they have multiple touch points to help them build trust with you, and make their decision to book an appointment easy.

If you already receive a high number of organic traffic to your website, make sure you are fully utilising the pixel and running Facebook ads to compliment your other channels.

And what’s best about these audiences is that because they are smaller in size, your budget can be small and still get a great impact.

To check if your website has the Facebook pixel simply install the Facebook Pixel Helper from the chrome extension store.

How to fix this problem

Talk to your web developer about getting the Facebook Pixel installed on your website and create some custom targeted audiences inside Facebook Ads Manager.