Facebook Ads For Chiropractors - Create Meaningful Content To Drive Sales

Don’t waste all your great content that you’ve created and solely run an offer campaign.

A great initial offer is essential but you’re only going to attract people who have done their research and are ready to make the leap, which is only a very small percentage.

By using blogs, articles and videos to compliment your offer, this will help speed up the process in converting the slow or analytical decision makers who need time to warm up. 

By giving them the content and educating them on what you do and how you can help them you are opening your audience up to a broader range of people.

How To Fix This Problem

Set up either a traffic or conversions campaign in Facebook Ads Manager driving traffic to your website to view the content. Make sure you have the Facebook Pixel installed before you do this so you can track your visitors and create an audience from the people who are visiting your website.