Facebook Ads For Chiropractors - Which Campaign Objective You Should Be Using

Choosing the wrong objective in Facebook Ads Manager can be the difference between running a winning ad and a dud. 

You can put identical ad creatives next to each other with different campaign objectives and you will see massively different results in some cases.

To get the best results from cold traffic ads select Lead Generation, Facebook Messenger to keep them on Facebook, or Conversion or Traffic objective if you are running ads to a landing page on a website. 

For warm traffic ads you can use Reach and brand awareness to increase frequency at a lower cost.

When running ads to a landing page always make sure your page is well optimised for speed and layout so you don't get any people drop off between the click on the ad and landing page loading.

Changing your objective when the ads start to burn out can also give the campaigns an extra boost.

How to fix this problem

Check inside the campaign level of your ad campaign and make sure you are using one of the recommended objectives. If not duplicate the campaign and change to a new objective.