Why Facebook Ads Haven't Worked For Your Business - Boosting Posts From The Newsfeed

If you are boosting your Facebook posts from the newsfeed: STOP DOING IT NOW! You are only donating your hard earned money to Facebook!

Every business owner I know has done this, and yes, I was a victim to this scam as well! There’s an old saying that if it’s too good to be true it usually is, and while you may get heaps of engagement, like comments and likes, which makes you feel like something has worked, when you check your pockets at the end of the day they aren’t any heavier with cash!

Getting Facebook ads to work for your business aren’t as simple as five clicks and giving them your credit card details. We spend hours researching businesses and industries before we even start the process of creating ads.

How To Fix This Problem

Always set your ads up in Facebook Ads Manager. There are so many more objective and targeting options which you can use to get actual results! It will look overwhelming at first but try and do some basic research before you get started and once you get used to it it is rather simple to use.